Minecraft xbox 360

Tekkit on Xbox

There have been many different mods made for Minecraft and some of them have gotten extremely popular. One of the most popular mod that was developed for Minecraft is called ‘Tekkit’. The Tekkit mod adds a bunch of new items into the game which resemble technology. Lots of new electrical items and blocks are added along with a new interface. Ever since Minecraft Xbox version came out, people have been wondering if there will eventually be mods available to download straight onto the Xbox. The developers confirmed that they do have something planned regarding game modifications, however it won’t be any time soon. Minecraft fans have taken their word for that and have started polls and such to determine which mod everyone would like to see added to the Xbox. And can you guess which mod had the most votes? That’s right, Tekkit! Tekkit has many fans, it is definitely one of the biggest game modifications for Minecraft. People have also been discussing how the modifications will be added to the Xbox version. Some think that you will be able to download them from the Xbox live store, others think it will have to be done manually with a USB transfer from PC. It is more likely to get added into the in-game shop interface purely because of its ease of access. There has also been discussions going around about the pricing of these modifications. There are people saying that they will get sold for prices upwards of $20, and there are others who say that they’ll just be a few dollars each. There has also been a concept made up by a user that they will sell modification codes in shops, just like they sold the code for the game itself. All of these ideas are possible, however only time can tell. Hopefully one of the staff members will give us a little hint, or leak us some information regarding the topic. It would cause a lot of excitement! The probably will not start to develop the modification system for quite a while. Their next update after this 1.8.2 update will be for enchanting and everything else that came with that update. Time will fly as soon as this 1.8.2 update finally lands. We will have so much things to do without getting bored of repeating the same old thing, over and over. The creative mode is definitely the highlight in this update, although lots of people are also looking forward to everything else that comes along with it. In other news, the 1.8.2 update for the Xbox version is finally complete and has been submitted into the testing phase. That means it will be under a week before we have this amazing update on our own screens! This update will contain creative mode and the adventure update. The adventure update features things such as villages, hidden temples, abandoned mine-shafts, and all sorts of other fun things! Not much longer to wait!

New NPCs

To add to all the hype to the upcoming creative mode update, there are a bunch of new NPCs and areas being added into the game! The new NPCs which are being added are the following: Endermen, Silverfish and Cave Spiders. All of these NPCs are currently on the PC version so it would be great to see them added onto the Xbox version. Endermen are tall creepy mobs which are fairly tall compared to other mobs. They are 3 blocks high and have long and thin arms and legs. Endermen are very unique mobs because they possess the ability to teleport and pick up and place blocks. They are also neutral mobs which means they are not hostile however if you provoke them they will attack. The only ways to provoke an enderman is by attacking them or by staring at their upper body or head within the crosshairs. They are a very strong mob so it is highly advised you do not startle one. If by any chance you accidentally do this, you can find a safe place to hide by building your house only 2-2.5 blocks high which will make it impossible for the enderman to enter or teleport into. Silverfish are also a unique mob. They are usually found underground in caves and hide inside blocks. Once you destroy the block that they live in they will become aggressive and attack you. You are able to tell the difference from a normal block and a silverfish block by the amount of time it takes to break it. It will take longer to break a block which a silverfish is inside. If you blow up a block with a silverfish inside with something like a TNT block or maybe a creeper explosion, the silverfish will automatically die as the block gets exploded.

As well as the NPCs being added in, there are also big ‘Adventure’ updates being added in which include ‘Random Structures’ which will be generated upon the creation of a world. These random structures can be found at random simply by wandering around. You can find things such as temples, villages, ravines and abandoned mines. Temples are very easy to spot due to their massive size. You are able to go inside a temple to claim whatever loot lays at its core. Keep in mind, temples are booby trapped. It is best to do some research before entering one as there are special techniques you must follow to be able to get the loot and stay alive. Villages are also a nice find. They are populated by NPCs called ‘Villager’s which you can trade with to gain things such as emeralds. There are lots of benefits from finding a village and it might even be a good idea to build yourself a house inside their little village. All these updates are very exciting indeed! They will be arriving any day now, however no official date has been released by the developers. We can’t wait much longer for the long awaited ‘Creative Mode’!

Minecraft on YouTube

YouTube is a massive video sharing site and has videos relating to almost all topics. And what does that mean? It means there are also a ton of Minecraft videos for people to view on there! There are many famous youtubers who make regular Minecraft videos. There are many types of Minecraft videos available on YouTube and I will list out some of them and explain a bit about them. The most common type of Minecraft video is a series called ‘Let’s play’. A let’s play series is a bunch of videos of the video maker just casually playing Minecraft and most of the time they come with commentaries. There are also some variations of the let’s play series and they test out new mods and new content. They are normally pretty long, usually around 10 minutes. Another popular type of video is one called a hunger game. A hunger game is a little mini game, based off of the movie ‘Hunger Games’. The object of the game is to be the last person alive.You are normally given a bunch of tools and supplies that you can use to kill your opponents. There are also chests hidden around the map with a bunch off supplies like food and weaponry which will help you dominate over the others. The game is also based on honor, so once you die, you must leave the game. Another type of video is called ‘Pimp my Minecraft’ which USA series based off of the TV show ‘Pimp my ride’. The video maker normally has a team who go onto the world of other people and build a massive house for them and ‘pimp’ it out. They also renovate existing people’s houses. There is also a video type called ‘Tekkit’ which is a series based around the mod for Minecraft called Tekkit. The mod makes Minecraft very futuristic and brings lots of technology into the game. The video is normally just Tekkit gameplay while the director is commentating. Some people also do reviews of seeds, which are world generating codes. These videos just cover the seed and just show you around the world of that specific seed and show you some cool parts of it. There are also videos which review specific mods, skins and textures. Another popular series is one called ‘Myth Busters’. The series just tests common Minecraft myths and tells you if they are busted or not. It is a very interesting series, however they are normally pretty short due to the lack of myths in the game. A good thing about YouTube is that if you direct minecraft videos, you often get approached by Minecraft server hosting companies or big servers who will offer you a payment in exchange for you advertising their product. So if you have a recording software installed, why don’t you go and try making some Minecraft videos based on the ideas above and who knows, you might even get approached by some advertisers!

Invincibility Glitch

Have you ever wanted to be untouchable? Or how about invisible at the same time? Well this new glitch that I have found gives you both of those, and it is extremely fun to prank your friends with this! The glitch is very easy to perform however it requires two players to be able to do it. The one downside to the glitch is that you can not place down any blocks while you are in your invincible form. And just like any other glitch, this glitch may harm or corrupt your world, so use it at your own risk. Once you are in invincible form, the only way of returning to normal is by leaving the game and rejoining. While in this form, you are fully invisible and are able to attack and break blocks, however you are unable to place them. You are also immune to damage from lava and drowning underwater. To start the glitch, you must first get ahold of a bed and a boat. A bed can be made with a few pieces of wool and some wooden planks on a crafting table. As for the boat, you will need quite a few wooden planks and it is probably better to create more than one boat because this glitch involves destroying the boat. Once you’ve got that sorted, wait until it is night time and then place your bed down somewhere safe and in an open area and then place down the boat directly next to it. Once they are both down on the floor, ask your friend to come and stay next to you, as you will need him for this next step. Climb into the boat that you placed down and then climb into your bed while still inside your boat. Your view will be distorted once you are in bed and will be ale to X-ray the floor to find caves and dungeons. Now that you’re in bed, ask your friend to destroy the bed that you are in and that will cause you to move into the boat again. Ask him to do the same and destroy the boat as well. As soon as he destroys it, you will become invisible to other players and invincible. You can not be harmed by anything or anyone and you are able to spook out your friends with this cool bug! If you did it correctly, it should show that your character is in a seated position and is floating. Also ask your friend if he can see you just to make sure. When you’ve had enough fun and want to go back to normal, all you have to do is leave your world and rejoin. Make sure you do not save while in this form otherwise you may be stuck like that forever. This bug comes very handy for many things so try not to spread it widely to your friends so that it does not get patched fast. Enjoy your new glitch!

Minecraft Mods

What do you do when you get bored of Minecraft? The answer is Mods! Mods is short for modifications, and they do exactly what they say. They modify the gameplay of Minecraft. There are many different mods out there and all of them aim to thrill their users with things that you can not do in the normal Minecraft. Some mods can cost money, and that is usually because it took a very long time to create and the creator would like something back in return, however the majority of mods are free and are extremely fun. At the moment there are currently no ways of modding the Xbox version of Minecraft without knowing a bit about hardware and advanced modding. The only way to mod the Xbox version is by using a USB to transfer modded files onto your Xbox. It will not allow you to play multiplayer with your modded files, but it is still fun to mess about on your own. Rumors have been going around saying that in the future, the developers are planning to team up with modification creators and release well made mods onto the DLC market and will cost small amounts of Microsoft points. One of the most popular modifications if one called ‘Tekkit’. It is a very interesting modification because it adds a ton of new things into the game, mostly technology related things like machines and such. It makes it much more modern and gives you many more possibilities of things that you can create. Many minecraft Xbox users having been asking for the developers to add mods into the game as soon as possible, however there has been no response regarding the matter. You never know, they might bring it up in a surprise update just like the last one. Another cool modification is the paintball mod. The mod adds paintballs and paintball guns into the game so you can have fun paintball aches against your friends. It is also possible for you to create your own maps to play in which makes it even more fun. Many users have replicated maps from call of duty and have released them to the public so that they can use them along with this mod and other mods that involve firearms. The next update for Minecrafton Xbox is due any day now. We are expecting to see a new skin pack being released soon and there have been rumors that there are capes or cloaks in the skin pack. Hopefully, we will see the update in the next few days, as we are all very excited to see what the developers have brought us this time! If we are in luck, we may even get a special update relating to modifications which would be an exciting surprise to all of us. And if you are feeling creative, you should go ahead and try to learn how to make mods, so that when the update comes out for Xbox, you will be able to develop your own mods!


Have you ever heard of Herobrine? Ever since Minecraft was released, there has been someone or something called Herobrine. Some people say that Herobrine is a myth, and some say he isn’t. The Herobrine myth is based around an old miner who was killed while mining in the deep areas of the world. He was killed by a lava flow. He has now come back as a ghost and haunts the deep mines and stalks those who walk into his territory. If you are lucky enough to see him, you are also very unlucky because he will go full on berserk and attack you. Herobrine looks like the default Steve character except he has glowing white eyes which can be seen in the dark. He also has a house which he stores his ores in. It is made out of cobblestone but you should not get it mixed up with a dungeon because Herobrine does not like people entering his house and he will get extremely angry. You can tell that it is his house if it has a bed and a chest in there, and nothing else. His chest usually contains a bunch of ores and pick axes because that is what he usually mines. His house does not have a door, it is more like a square shaped tent made out of stone. Herobrine is very protective of his house which is why you should take extreme caution when entering his house. If you find his house, it is recommended that you do not enter it until you are fully geared up with weapons armour and food because Herobrine will get extmepy angry if he finds you in his house. If you find his house but there is no Herobrine in sight and you want to have a fight with him, there is one thing that you can do that will make him run back to his house and attack you with everything he’s got. Break his chest. He hates it when people destroy his belongings, especially if you steal his stuff that is in the chest. If you break his chest, you better hope you are prepared for a fight, because Herobrine will be running for you! You can also dress up as Herobrine to scare your friends. In the skin pack 1 that was released by the developers, there are over 40 skins in there including the Herobrine skin. The pack only costs 240 Microsoft points and is available in the DLC section on the main menu of minecraft. Herobrine also walks around with a stone pick axe, so you must wear one if you want to look exactly like him. To scare your friends, you must keep crouched so that it hides your name, and then stalk them while they are mining and mine blocks near them. Stealing their torches that they put down can also creep them out quite a bit, try it! Your glowing white eyes will surely scare them if you manage to play it out right. Good luck!

Creative Mode on Xbox

Adventuring around Minecraft, hunting down monsters and mining, can all get pretty boring after a while. But what else is there to do apart from that? You can play mini-games with your friends like hunger games or hide and seek, but that can also get boring after a while. This is where creative mode comes in. Creative mode is a special game mode which gives the user unlimited blocks and the ability to fly. The mode is aimed at those who love building things and make it much easier than having to go out and collect all the supplies by themselves. The developers have not yet released creative mode for the Xbox, but it has been announced that it will be included in the next update. While you are in creative mode, you are immune to damage and the mode is solely for building purposes. You are also able to convert from creative mode to survival, so you can make large Colosseum’s or PvP arenas and then transfer it onto survival so you can battle it out with your friends. A good thing about creative mode is that you will get unlimited amounts of each block, including other items like flowers, bookcases and jukeboxes. If you are planning to create a large scale building project, creative mode is definitely a must. Another thing you could use creative mode for is for making redstone contraptions which consist of pistons and such which are normally hard to obtain in survival mode. Along with the next update, come a bunch of other things including 3 new mobs! The new mobs are not new to Minecraft and are in the PC version, but they are new to the Xbox version. The mobs being added are called ‘Silverfish’, ‘Endermen’, and ‘Jungle Spiders’. Endermen are a creepy mob and they look rather scary. They are entirely black and have glowing eyes. They are not aggressive mobs and will not attack you on sight, however if you stare at them they will get very angry and attack you. It is best you do not put your cross-hair over them for more than a second. Another exciting thing that will be added in the next update is optionally generated structures! These are structures that you can interact with that get generated upon creating a world. You will have to create a new world once it comes out, you cannot add them into your current world. The structures include ‘NPC Villages’ which are villages with houses and such that are randomly generated and populated with NPCs, ‘Abandoned Mineshafts’, ‘Strongholds’ and ‘Ravines’! There are a ton of new things being added into the game and this is definitely one of the more exciting updates for the Xbox version. The developers may also release another skin pack along with this update because they stated that they were in the middle of creating another pack. Another thing that they might be adding is texture packs! Many users have been hoping for a texture pack release since the current one is rather dull.

Latest Duplication Glitch (One Person required)

Ever since Minecraft for Xbox came out, there have been duplication glitches which people have been abusing due to the lack of creative mode. Each time there has been an update, the development team for the game have tried their best to patch the glitches to stop people abusing them. Duplicating items takes out a lot of fun from the game because you don’t spend a lot of time finding the items legitimately. Most of the people that duplicate items, use the items for building large projects that would require massive amounts of blocks to complete. Not only does duplicating items take the fun out of the game, but it also can corrupt your saved file and can make the gameplay very laggy when playing on multiplayer. To perform the latest dupe, you will need to have either a chest, a furnace, a dispenser, basically anything that you can place an item into. Unlike other dupe glitches, this one requires you to perform something in real life for it to work. Make sure that when you start up the world that you will be duplicating in, it has the ‘online’ box ticked. First off, acquire any of the items stated earlier, which you will place items into and then place it down on the floor. Once you have selected what you would like to duplicate, place them inside the item that you chose for storage then exit out of the interface. You will now have to perform an action in real life to duplicate the items. To do it correctly, switch your router off, and then back on straight away. This will cause the game to lag. As soon as you performed the lag switch, run back to your xbox and destroy the item that you used as a storage box. It is best to stand on top of it while breaking it so that as soon as you break it, you will pick up the items straight away. A few seconds after you break the box, the game will stop lagging and the chest will be rebuilt, filled with all the items in it. It may seem like nothing has happened, but if you check your inventory, you will find that it has all of the items you got when you broke the storage earlier. You now have double whatever you put into the storage item and can use them for whatever you want. I’d advise you to save everything before attempting the glitch because it is possible, but very rare, that it can corrupt your world. It’s also a good idea to keep autosave off, to prevent the game saving when you don’t want it to. This glitch is almost necessary if you plan on making a long rail road to get the achievement that you get for riding a mine cart 500 meters without stopping. It is very easy to duplicate rails because they are stackable and can go into a pile of 64 without starting another pile. Enjoy this glitch, and remember all the precautions to take.

Boat Racing

Boat racing is a lot more fun than it sounds! It is a great activity that you can do with your friends whenever you get bored, however it is quite a pain building the course. The way boats are controlled in Minecraft, make the activity very challenging. Boats do not get much turning power and are very hard to control. On top of that, if you hit land or an object while moving fast, your boat explodes and turns into wooden planks! Because of that, it is always good to bring along some spare boats, just encase you get yourself into a sticky situation. A boat can be made out of wooden planks, but you need quite a few of them just to make one boat. You should spend around 10 to 15 minutes gathering wood so that you can make multiple boats for you and your competitors, just encase they accidentally break their boat during the race. While you are in a boat, you can still hit people if you can get close enough to them, however it is not recommended because you can easily lose control of your boat and crash. You can also make the activity even more fun, by giving all of your competitors and yourself a bow. It will be pretty hard to shoot and drive at the same time, but that all adds up to making the game really fun to play. Normal boat racing areas are on a large flat body of water, like the ocean. But if you are feeling extreme, you can try and create a course that has large drops like a waterfall, and tough turns. The goal of the game is to reach the finish line first. You should try and make your racing course as hard as possible so that it is really fun and challenging. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even add a waterfall that you have to climb up into the course! Now that you know how to play the game, you now have to create yourself a race track. To start off building, you must first locate a good place to make the course. The ideal place to do this is in a large body of water. If you don’t build in a body of water, you will have to transfer water to your location, using buckets. That is a very long and hard process, so I’d recommend you use a large body of water. When you have located your area you’d like to build in, build a wall around the edges to keep all the racers inside the correct area. Once you’ve got the racing area boxed off, you can now start making the course more challenging by adding in some curves, waterfalls and even bits of random debris in the middle of the track. And finally, once you’ve got the course done, get yourself and all the other competitors to the starting line that you’ve created and get on your way!

Hunger Games

Hunger games is a very fun way to enjoy Minecraft when you are playing with friends, especially if you enjoy player versus player combat. Hunger games is basically a sort of role play game that you can play with your friends in Minecraft, based around the film ‘Hunger Games’. The goal is to stay alive and eliminate all of your enemies, using every means possible. Most of the time, you will play the game in a large area which is blocked in to make sure no one leaves the area. The area in which the battle takes place is normally a flat area with a bunch of trees to provide hiding spots. The host of the world fills up the battle area with bits and bobs for the players to use in battle. The things that are usually placed around the map are food, weapons and armour. The game relies on an honour system which means it is down to the players to make the game fair. Once you die, you should not re-enter to combat zone so that you do not disturb the rest of the players. The items are stored in chests which are usually hidden very well in the combat area and it is up to the players to find them. There are normally a bunch of rules set which players must not break, such as not destroying blocks other than a certain material, and the usage of lava. Sometimes, players like to split into teams to get an advantage over their enemy. But hunger games are usually free for all, so the teams normally end up backstabbing each other. The winner of the tournament is the person who is the last man standing. Depending on the amount of players in the game, each round is fairly short, somewhere around 10 to 20 minutes. If you would like to build your own hunger games map, you must first start off by finding a patch of land that you would like to use as the combat area. Once you’ve got that chosen, you will need to create large walls around the perimeter to stop people from escaping. This is a long job, so it is recommended that you ask a few of your friends to help you out. Once you’ve got your area all sorted, you will now have to start hiding random chests all over the area and fill them with useful supplies for your players to use. You can put all sorts of things in the chests, food, weapons, armour, anything useful will do. And now that your playing field is done, you will now have to build a starting area. The starting area just needs to be an area where all your players can go to start the tournament. A large room with tunnels leading to the outside will do. Make sure that each tunnel exit is far away from the others, so that your players don’t go killing each other as soon as they get out. Have fun playing hunger games!